Simple Camp Table

This small camp table is completely functional and provides a convenient raised surface for personal, patrol, or general use. It’s simple design provides for quick and easy set up, and it is comfortably stable.

Simple Scout Stave Camp Table

Make the table legs. Start by lashing four 6-foot staves with shear lashings, to make the table’s legs. (Square lashings can be used in lieu of shear lashings.)

Lash on the table top supports. Next, to support what will become the table top, lash a straight 4-foot x 1-inch stick to connect each set of shear legs at about 2-1/2 feet off the ground with square lashings. This will form two A-frames, one for each side of the table. Make sure the 4′ sticks are the same distance from the bottom of the legs on both sides.

Get ready to hold up the table. NOTE: These measurements are not carved in stone and do NOT have to be exact! Now it’s time to hammer in a narrow pioneering stake on either side, 10′ away from where the legs will stand (about 52 inches apart).

Distance from table to stakes

Stretch out a 50-foot length of 1/4-inch manila rope so the middle of the rope will lay where the middle of the table will be. Put two half hitches (Open-Ended Clove Hitch) around the top of one leg at each A-frame, about 52″ apart.

Attach the ends of the rope nice and tight to each pounded-in stake using a roundturn with two half hitches. Tightening this center rope is what keeps the A-frames from shifting and makes this table very stable. If  you secure the table nice and tight from the beginning, you shouldn’t ever have to adjust the tension. Situating the stakes ten feet away from the table will provide optimum stability, but for practical purposes, much shorter distances between the clove hitches and the stakes can also work very effectively. In this instance, a shorter center rope can readily be used.

Make the table top. Lay 5-foot staves across both 4-foot sticks and attach them with a floor lashing using binder twine. If you’re using Scout Staves, twelve work well.

Table View at Camp Ho-Non-Wa
Rear View of Camp Kitchen at Troop Site during Boy Scout Summer Camp

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