Tripod Straddle Seat

Often times at a campsite, there are no picnic tables with benches, or array of thick, wooden discs from downed trees positioned around a fire site, or fallen tree trunks, or a large outcrop of smooth boulders. So, through the years, the answer to the query, “what will I sit on during a camping trip?” has given rise to many solutions. Some of these … Continue reading Tripod Straddle Seat

Tripod Lashing

TRIPOD LASHING TEXT, PHOTOS, AND INFORMATION Plain turns are preferred for MOST Scout Pioneering applications. On the occasions when a heavy load needs to be supported for an extended period of time on a structure that will receive continual use in all kinds of weather, e.g. for a camp seat, or an uncovered Chippewa Kitchen, with lots of heavy hanging … Continue reading Tripod Lashing

Pioneering Program Curriculum VI: Tripod Lashing

This is the sixth post in a series that will eventually comprise an activity-based, unit pioneering program curriculum. SUPPORTING VIDEO: How to Tie a Tripod Lashing VI. The tripod is the most simple and most easy to erect self-standing pioneering structure. It frequently comes into play in the construction of simple campsite improvements as in providing … Continue reading Pioneering Program Curriculum VI: Tripod Lashing

Smaller Double Tripod Chippewa Kitchen

Basically, this is a mini version of the full-sized Double Tripod Chippewa Kitchen. Same procedure, just scaled down, and a perfect fit for one patrol.  The only things different here are the dimensions: two 6-foot x 2-1/2 to 3-inch platform support spars six 6-foot x 2-inch tripod leg spars four 4-foot x 2-inch rear tripod braces two 4-foot x 2-1/2 … Continue reading Smaller Double Tripod Chippewa Kitchen

Scout Meeting Challenge: Everyone on the Tripod

Some years ago a newly-formed and very young troop, barely a year old, attended a Council-wide Camporee. One of the patrol competitions was an Everyone on the Tripod race. They entered three patrols. When the smoke cleared, and the judging was completed, out of over fifty patrols present at the camporee, they placed first, second … Continue reading Scout Meeting Challenge: Everyone on the Tripod

Simple Tripod Lashing

VIEW VIDEO: How to Tie a Tripod Lashing with Plain Turns This is a simple and quick way to tie a tripod lashing. The wraps are not woven in and out between the spars. The running end is simply wrapped around all three, snugly but not too tight. In Rope Works Plus, Gerald Findley refers … Continue reading Simple Tripod Lashing

Double Tripod Chippewa Kitchen


Camp Gadgets made from Scout Staves & Broomsticks

These camp gadgets were featured in the Pioneering Village at the 2017 National Jamboree. All were fashioned  out of Scout staves and precut lengths from broomsticks. VIEW VIDEO of the above gadgets as they were featured in the Pioneering Village during the 2017 National Jamboree.

Pioneering Program Feature: Meeting Plans & Ideas

The following was extracted from the Program Features section of Troop Leader Resources: Pioneering Information Troop Meetings Main Event John Thurman, Gilwell Camp Chief for twenty-five years, said, ”There is only one activity in my experience where it pays to start at the top, and that is swimming. It is true that pioneering has often been … Continue reading Pioneering Program Feature: Meeting Plans & Ideas

Pioneering Program Feature: Information

This post is a component of the revised pioneering module in Program Features for Troops, Teams and Crews. Related Advancement First Class Tools requirements Pioneering Merit Badge What is Pioneering? – Pioneering is the knowledge and skill of using simple materials to build structures that are used in a wide range of Scouting activities. These skills … Continue reading Pioneering Program Feature: Information

22 Pioneering Safety Points

In all Scouting activities, safety must come first. In and through the challenges, fun, and rewards that go hand in hand with Pioneering, there can be no substitute for prudent behavior and common sense. As you begin your pioneering activities, safety must be your first consideration. The following safety points are some that you and … Continue reading 22 Pioneering Safety Points

Scout Swing

The design for this swing is not complicated, though it does present some logistical challenges. The main thing is, a working swing is going to get lots of play. Therefore, lashings need to be super tight, and the eight sturdy pioneering stakes that serve as anchors need to be driven solidly into the ground, perpendicular … Continue reading Scout Swing

Interpatrol & Team Building Videos

A-Frame Chariot Race Atomic Pile  Blindfolded Tarp Pitch  Catch the Snapper  Crossing the Alligator Pit Everyone on the Tripod Ladder Building Interpatrol Activity Lift Seat Patrol Challenge Lizzie Gator Team Building Challenge Raising a Simple Flagpole Self-Standing Flagpole Challenge

Lashing Videos

Diagonal Lashing Double Floor Lashing Filipino Diagonal Lashing Round Lashing Shear Lashing Square Lashing (Mark II) Tripod Lashing (Plain Turns) West Country Round Lashing

All Video Listings

HOW-TO VIDEOS PIONEERING KNOTS How to Tie a BUTTERFLY KNOT How to Tie a CARRICK BEND How to Tie a CLOVE HITCH and HALF HITCHES How to Tie a CONSTRICTOR KNOT How to Tie a DRAW HITCH How to Tie a LARK’S HEAD How to Tie a ROLLING HITCH How to Tie a ROPE TACKLE How to Tie a ROUNDTURN … Continue reading All Video Listings