TripodThumbEVERYONE ON THE TRIPOD – It’s a game, it’s a race, it’s a challenge! As with all pioneering projects, after it’s done, you get to use it and enjoy it. This is not just a tripod, it’s a fun, physical activity that will bond the patrol together!

Link to: Self Standing FlagpoleSELF-STANDING FLAGPOLE – When the patrols have learned their Round Lashing and Square Lashing, they’ll be ready for this indoor challenge which gives them an opportunity to use what they’ve learned in a new way.

BallistaThumbSCOUT STAVE LAUNCHER – The activity surrounding the construction of this launcher incorporates sound Square Lashing technique, teamwork (of course), a geometric study of angles and trajectory, some concentration, and lots of laughter.

CROSSING THE ALLIGATOR PIT – The challenge built into this activity comes into play after the lashing is finished. As with all pioneering endeavors, team work is essential. With this challenge, it’s absolutely necessary!

FlagPoleRaceThumbFLAGPOLE RACE – Several Scoutcraft skills come into play in order to successfully complete this Simple Flagpole challenge as each patrol races to build and fly their patrol flag from a 14-foot flagpole!

LadderThumbLADDER BUILDING ACTIVITY – This indoor activity is great for new Scouts and a useful team-building activity and practice session “disguised” as a fun, fast-paced interpatrol competition.

ROPE-TOSS-LOG-LIFT CHALLENGE – This is an activity requiring a series of rope-handling and knot-tying skills that is also a fast-paced, fun competition that can be played individually or as a team.

Link to: Catch the SnapperCATCH THE SNAPPER – This simple interpatrol challenge is a whole lotta fun! The only lashings required are Round Lashings, but applying a sensible approach to spacing them effectively is also necessary.

AshleyThumbROMAN CHARIOT RACE – The classic chariot race has been run in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors. This one uses an H-Frame Trestle, which is the basic component of many pioneering projects.

Link to: Simple A-Frame Chariot RaceA-FRAME TRANSPORT RACE – Chariot races are fun and here’s about the easiest version around. Once Scouts are familiar with the Two-Spar Shear Lashing and Square Lashing, they can easily make an A-Frame to serve as a simple carrying structure.

SCOUT LIFT SEAT – Here’s the answer to creating a regal spectacle during an entrance or procession during a Scout gathering. From a more practical standpoint, it’s also the perfect followup to an instructional session when learning to tie the Double Floor Lashing.

AtomicThumbATOMIC PILE – The Atomic Pile provides an excellent opportunity for team building while also effectively honing individual leadership skills. There are many variations, but all require a new way to work together.


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