The Large Camp Table for the Frontier Days Program
The Large Camp Table for the Frontier Days Program

I N F O R M A T I V E   W E B S I T E S    A N D   F I L E S

The wealth of pioneering and general Scouting information in the pages of John Thurman’s books resides in the heart of true Scouting values. Some feel strongly that John Thurman’s books should be devoured and relished by all died-in the-wool Scouters eager to embrace pioneering, and for that matter, eager to embrace Scouting’s true meaning!


Outdoor Skills / Membership  Presentation

Troop Program Resources – A repository for the How-to Video Series and Scout Meeting Activities

Scout Engineering – A good pioneering resource from the pioneering section of the Irish Scout Handbook! – So this is where one can access all those cool illustrations of camp tools and gadgets!

Ropes and Poles – An enjoyable and informative, interactive blog.

Printout for Tying a Left-handed Bowline  

Scouting’s Traditional Outdoor Skills Essay

A Chronicle of a Pioneering Troop’s Activities and Projects, 1998-2002

Scoutcraft Site Layout

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  1. I have found having a Double Barrel (Fishermans) Knot Sling (see Grogs Knot website or app) is a ‘Usefull Tool’ in temporarily holding one end of a spar in place, while lashing the other….for a transom or ledger. Also has many uses to ‘Cinch’ items, from sleeping bags to water bottles, backpacking tiedowns, etc. ‘Always try to have a half dozen at different lengths available.

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