Making Scouting Unforgettably FUN!

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Making Scouting Unforgettably FUN (formerly named Planning Programs that Rock) focuses on how to plan and present meetings and outings that are fun with positive outcomes, applying proven programming approaches and using a host of effective and easy-to-use BSA resources. Participants will take part in a variety of fun-filled patrol challenges featuring an array of outdoor skills including pioneering, fire making, outdoor cooking, and geocaching. This informative session is beneficial for all leaders who want to see how to bring excitement and fun to their unit’s program that’s certain to boost attendance and increase retention.


  • A pen and a folder to contain handouts should be at each seat on Monday morning.
  • There are lots and lots of materials utilized in the various program sequences. This means there’s lots and lots of preparation that will necessarily need to be attended to, so that everything is on hand, set up in place, and ready for the conference attendees. When not provided in the syllabus text, the materials for each activity are available in the corresponding descriptions on pages of Troop Program Resources. Links for each are provided in the syllabus text and on the conference links page.
  • Throughout the conference, presenters project numerous short videos.  These contain all the explanations and demonstrations necessary for successful participation in course activities. (Guiding and enabling conference attendees needs to be done by the presenter(s).)
    These videos can be downloaded and organized on your computer which will make projecting them more easy.  Acquainting yourself with the operation of the a.v. equipment is essential to the smooth pacing of the presentations. For your edification, many of the activities also have videos you might want to view to get a clearer picture of how they can be presented.
  • The italicized text throughout the syllabus are actual questions to ask during that portion of the conference. Of course, they can be paraphrased.
  • Whenever a discussion becomes too involved and appears to be running into the next time frame, steer it back into the relevant topic at hand (covered in the handouts) or, if the attendees concur, suggest the discussion can be finished at a later time or between those individuals involved, during mealtime or in-between-times.
  • On those occasions when time runs out before an item on the syllabus can be given proper attention, it’s just fine to include it in a subsequent session. On Wednesday and Thursday, while food is baking, there are many games that can be substituted with further discussions and makeup activities.
  • In the Training Center Office, reserve times and locations for all fire building and cooking activities.
  • Plan where each activity will be featured: inside, outside, near the classroom, somewhere else, and setup materials there beforehand, or have attendees carry them over as appropriate.

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