Jamboree: 2013

Every unit attending this year’s National Jamboree was scheduled to hike up to Garden Ground Mountain at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. One goal of the 300 yard Pioneering Action Center was to give each jamboree participant a healthy exposure to the kind of fun, challenges, and opportunities inherent in Scout Pioneering.

Link to: Initial PreparationsINITIAL PREPARATIONS

For several days the pioneering staff had to gear up and get ready. What steps needed to be taken in order to prepare the pioneering area for the thousands of visitors who would be hiking up to Garden Ground Mountain? Click HERE

Link to: Building ProcessBUILDING PROCESS

After the spars were skinned and the initial supply of ropes were cut and whipped, we had about three days left before the first troops and crews would arrive. There were thirty projects and structures to build! Click HERE

Link to: Overview and Layout ofPeschke FieldOVERVIEW AND LAYOUT OF PESCHKE FIELD

Get an idea of how the pioneering projects and activities featured at the 2013 national jamboree up on Garden Ground Mountain at the Summit Bechtel Reserve were laid out over a 300 yard field. Click HERE


The pioneering area featured a specially designed pre-stressed triple walkway bridge, along with a modified Double A-Frame Monkey Bridge and an opportunity to build a Single A-Frame crossing bridge! Click HERE


Six towers were featured in Peschke Field. Three were traditional signal towers, one 30′ tower was erected as a response to a nearby AT&T cell tower, and two square towers were built for climbing! Click HERE

Link to: Catapults at the JamboreeCATAPULTS

Periodically,  the 10′ Double A-Frame Trebuchet with a 200 pound counter weight would launch a monkey fist in a high arc far down the length of the football field-sized range! Click HERE


A special station was set aside for making and whipping a rope souvenir, a display of camp gadgets, and for those who wanted to learn to tie a square lashing twice as fast as before! Click HERE


In addition to bridges, towers, catapults, and the camp gadget/skills instruction area, Scouts and Venturers could experience a variety of activities that were challenging-FUN or just-plain-FUN! Click HERE


2013 National Jamboree Pioneering Staff
2013 National Jamboree Pioneering Staff (Click on the image for larger views!)


27 thoughts on “Jamboree: 2013”

  1. Excellent group shot. Looking forward to hearing much more about the area. How was the volume of participants? Did the staff live on Garden Ground Mountain?

    1. Thanks. We were an excellent group! Steady stream of Scouts going through our area starting midmorning and tapering off around 4:00 p.m. We rode busses up to Garden Ground each day.

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