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Monday a.m.

9:30-9:35 — Gathering PeriodPrisoner’s Escape. Provide each attendee with a 3-foot braided nylon cord (w/fused ends) with a bowline forming a fixed loop on both ends. Refer to the linked video if a further illustration is necessary.

9:35-10:15 — Discussion: Conference attendees introduce themselves and are divided into crews. What is a Scouting program and what would make it rock? Elicit ideas and opinions and write them on the board. Distribute copies of Introduction.pdf, and have attendees take turns reading sections aloud. Open floor to discussion.

10:15-10:20 — Explain and Demonstrate: Distribute a Scout stave to each attendee. Some attendees might want to use this along with their 3-foot braided nylon cord to apply what they see as the following video is viewed:  How to Tie Half Hitches to Finish Many Lashings

10:20-10:30 — Guide and Enable: Attendees tie half hitches onto their Scout stave, proceeding from both the right and the left. Those who catch on assist others until everyone is more or less familiar with the process.

10:30-10:40  — Activity: refer to Horizontal Half Hitching Race (If a long horizontal hitching pole has not been prepared, pass out more 3-foot braided nylon cords and go with the variation.) As time permits, it would be fun to view the Horizontal Half Hitching Race Video.

10:40-10:45 — Explain and Demonstrate: Distribute a 6-foot manila lashing rope, whipped on both ends, to each attendee and view How to Tie a Round Lashing.

10:45-10:50 — Guide and Enable: Pair up attendees and have them join their staves together with two round lashings, providing guidance as necessary.

10:50-11:05 — Activity: Distribute materials to each crew and play Catch the Snapper

11:05-11:20 — Discussion:Introduce the concept of the Sequential Approach to programming. Distribute copies of sequential-programming.pdf, and have attendees take turns reading sections aloud. Open floor to discussion.

Monday p.m.

1:20-1:30 — Discussion: How is the Boy Scout advancement program sequential? Creatively speaking, any ideas how it can be made more fun? Elicit ideas.  Make sure all participants have a 3-foot braided nylon cord. Describe the traditional “Friendship Circle” as an illustration of putting a skill into action. Why is the square knot referred to as Scouting’s “joining knot?” (It’s one of the first skills a Scout learns when joining.) What is a binding knot?

1:30-1:35 — Explain and Demonstrate: View How to Always Tie a Square Knot Right

1:35-1:40 — Guide and Enable: Pass out a Scout stave to each attendee. Using a 3-food coed, attendees tie square knots down onto their Scout stave, applying the visual approach. Provide guidance as needed.

1:40-1:50 — Activity: Conduct the Square Knot Visual Challenge.

1:50-2:00 — Discussion: Distribute copies of  5-program-sequences.pdf and describe some of the things we’ll be doing together. Open the floor to questions. Which program sequence does it appear we’re working on?

2:00-2:05 — Explain and Demonstrate: View How to Tie a Roundturn with Two Half Hitches.

2:05-2:15 — Guide and Enable: Paerticipants tie two half hitches around their Scout stave. Provide guidance as needed.

2:15-2:20 — Explain and Demonstrate: ViewHow to Tie a Taut-line Hitch.

2:20-2:30 — Guide and Enable: Attendees tie taut-line hitches around their Scout stave. Provide guidance as needed.

2:30-2:45 — ActivityTaut-line Hitch Race (Variation) Depending on the number of conference attendees, the activity can be set up surrounding one tree, and crews can take turns, vying for the best time.

2:55-3:00 — Explain and Demonstrate: View How to Form an Open-Ended Clove Hitch.

3:00-3:10 — Guide and Enable: Attendees help one another to apply underhand loops over vertical poles.

3:10-3:15 — ActivityHitching Challenge

3:30-3:40 — Explain and Demonstrate: First, view Flagpole Race Demo Video (explain that instead of a rolling hitch they can tie a roundturn with two half hitches.) Second, view How to Set up a Basic Patrol Dining Fly.  Open floor to questions. Distribute materials to each crew.

3:45-4:15 — Main EventFlagpole Race and Dining Fly Race  Each crew sets up their flagpole and dining fly like a little campsite, in the same area.

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