Old Scoutmaster
Quick Introduction and Demo

Larry Green
Nihillatamen Gechpilgussowoagan


912-9th Ave. South,
North Myrtle Beach, SC  29582

Cell: 843-421-5403





7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. We started down this optional path in the 60s when we were told how to make biscuits by getting out a package of Bisquick , and then having requirements such as “show how to read a bus schedule”. The failure of this came about, some 2 years later, when we appaently lost so many kids that our numbers were down to half of prior years. Happily it was quickly ralized that “Scouting is Outing”, and the “new” Scout Handbook was trashed, and we went back to the prior eiditor, and many prior requirements. But yes, we have shifted once again, and have less outing. I do see that, along with the changed requirments in a good 1/3 of the Merit Badges we do appear to be holding our own. The cooking MB, has many old requirements, but also is requiring boys to be able to cook in a kitchen, and you know what? That appears to be a good thing to me – who learned that from Mom and Grandma, at a very early age, since they both owned and operated restaurants, where I became a short order cook at about 7 years of age.

    But, I still draw out the old 1952 Handbook, and the 1958 Fieldbook, and teach out of them, too. I also draw from my Gillwell Woodbadge bookilet, when it comes to Pioneering, We do need to insure those skills are taught to the younguns, and not forgotten.

    1. Danny, you’re definitely an “Old School Scouting” guy! Thanks for your comment the last line of which reads: “We do need to insure those skills are taught to the younguns, and not forgotten.” Yes indeed and amen.

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