Membership and Retention

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Premise:  When Scouting is WELL-PROMOTED in its true and irresistible light, as a value-based movement providing experiences found nowhere else, there will be a manifold increase in membership comprised of those families who not only want to get involved, but who will knock on the doors of individual Scout units and their local councils to learn how.


  1. Promote the FACTS! Redirect the focus of the general public with an exciting and impactive presentation of these facts brought to life in an impressive 60 second video advertised in the national media.
  2. Mount a multifaceted “Scouting is Both” print ad campaign. (inquire here.)


Premise:  In conjunction with Rocketry, Robotics, STEM, and the advances in lightweight, no-impact, backpacking techniques, re-emphasize the traditional campcraft skills. They are timeless and carry with them the mystique and fascination that forever remains attractive to youth! Revitalize these skills as a central feature of the Scouting program, and in so doing, not only increase incentive to join and stay involved, but counteract the consensus that over the years the BSA’s outdoor skills requirements have undergone what has been construed as an unfortunate “dumbing down” yielding an influx of higher ranking Scouts that can’t put up a dining fly of light a fire in the rain.

  1. Revise the campcraft advancement requirements, providing the grounds for the acquisition and use of campcraft skills that are appealing, relevant and continually used as part of a troop’s outdoor program.
  2. Across the board, in publications and training materials, emphasize and promote the inclusion of traditional methods of camp cooking and campsite set up, for front-country camping, that do not impact the environment.
  3. Hold inspiring adult training sessions, initially at the Summit and Philmont, introducing and teaching relevant, old-school campcraft and pionerering skills and how to include them as an integral, challenging, and fun part of the unit’s program.
  4. Provide action-based program materials enabling units to deliver a program that not only teaches the skills, but brings them to life, so that Scouts can actively experience their use in a way that is enriching and fun.
  5. Train district and council trainers to present an Advanced OLS course replete with methods and activities designed to deliver these skills as part of their troops’ programs.
  6. Following a well-working, field-tested design, provide the wherewithal to councils and/or OA lodges to implement their own pioneering and advanced campcraft programs.


Author: Scout Pioneering

Volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America

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