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Thursday a.m.

8:20-8:30 — Gathering PeriodHitching Challenge proceeding from both the right and the left (one participants can hold Scout staves erect as a vertical hitching post)

8:30-8:35 — Presentation and Discussion: View: Double A-Frame Monkey Bridge

8:35-8:40 — Explain and Demonstrate: View: How to Tie a Butterfly Knot

8:40-8:50 — Guide and Enable: Using 3-foot braided nylon cords, attendees tie butterfly knots. Provide guidance as needed.

8:50-9:00 — Explain and Demonstrate: View: How to Tie a Rope Tackle.

9:00-9:15 —  ActivityRope Tackle Tug of War

9:15-9:20 — Explain and Demonstrate: View: Anchors for Pioneering Projects

9:20-9:40 — ActivityAnchor Race Have the span for the bridge and anchors staked out ahead of time. Refer to Double A-Frame Monkey Bridge Instructions and Guidelines.

9:40-11:00 — Main Event: Double A-Frame Monkey Bridge (Refer to Double A-Frame Monkey Bridge Instructions and Guidelines)

11:00-11:20 — Activity: Bridge crossing.

Thursday a.m. (ALTERNATE)

  • one Silva Starter compass for each participant
  • one unique treasure map for each crew requiring orientation, pacing distances, following bearings, measuring height, and measuring width
  • one buried treasure
  • one trowel per every six to eight participants
  • 1 grocery-size, paper shopping bag per every six to eight participants
  • one US map for each participant
  • ready for projection: Facing a Bearing / Using a Map / Measuring Heights and Widths

8:20-8:30 — Gathering PeriodGuess that Width

8:30-8:40 — DiscussionWhat are some ways a unit can bring navigation skills to life and make it fun while providing opportunities to reinforce the skills and put them into action?

8:40-8:45 — Explain and Demonstrate: Distribute a compass for every participant. View: Facing a Bearing

8:45-8:50 — Guide and Enable: Bearings are called out and participants all respond en masse. Play Compass Facing.

8:50-9:05 — ActivityBlindfold Compass Walk

9:05-9:10 — Explain and Demonstrate: View: Using a Map

9:10-9:20 — Activity: Distribute maps of the United States and compasses. Participants orient the map and face their homes and then pose for a photo capturing them all standing and proudly pointing to their places of residence as they use their compass.

9:20-9:25— Explain and Demonstrate: View: Measuring Heights and Widths

9:25-9:55 — Guide and Enable: Go outside and measure the flagpole and the width of a designated area (without a compass).

9:55-10:55 — Main Event: Treasure Hunt (Distribute maps, compasses, trowel, and guidelines.)

10:55-11:20 — DiscussionWhat do you think of this activity. Can you adapt it for your unit? Is it worth the time it takes to set up? How is what we did this morning an example of sequential programming? (The skills introduced were all required to find the treasure.) How might this be seen as comprehensive in nature? (Beautifully unique environment / Digging up a treasure.)

Thursday p.m.

  • two decks of playing cards

1:20-1:50 — Activity: Travel to Zastrow Camp.

2:00-3:15 — Presentation and Activity: Zastrow Camp GPS/Geocaching program

3:15-3:40 — Activity: Play Time BombBuzz, Bing, BangWall Street

3:40-4:10 — Activity: Travel back to Training Center.

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