The Hourglass Tower at the Jamboree

Hourglass a.k.a. Pyramid Tower, erected next to the Camp Gadget / Skills Instruction area.
Hourglass Tower Display
Hourglass Tower Display: Rope Ladder Side

The Hourglass Tower in the 2013 National Jamboree Pioneering Area was set up as one of four tower displays.

“The Hourglass Tower is something of a classic for Scout pioneering. John Sweet’s excellent book Scout Pioneering describes it, and since then many Scout troops have built one.” (Read: Erecting an Hourglass Tower in Ropes and Poles.)

“The tower is constructed from two large pyramids interlocked together.” (Read: Hourglass Tower in Poneering Made Easy.)

As an interesting side note: by employing rope tackles in each of the lines marrying the two tripods, effectively tightening the connections was very easy to accomplish.



Author: Scout Pioneering

Volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America

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