Barrel Hitch

The Barrel (Bucket) Hitch
The Barrel (Bucket) Hitch

One never knows when this specialized hitch might be needed. The barrel hitch can come in handy for hoisting up or suspending a bucket or other container that has no  attached bail or handle. Forming the hitch is a very easy operation stemming from the tying of a simple overhand knot.

Link to: Older Pamphlet InfoThe following text is by Adolph E. Peschke as presented in the 1998 printing of the 1993 edition of the Pioneering Merit Badge Pamphlet:

A barrel presents an awkward shape when you’re trying to tie a rope to it to lift it. If the barrel is turned on its side (horizontally), a rope grommet can be made into a sling and slipped over a hook to hoist the barrel.

If the barrel has to be lifted while remaining upright, the barrel hitch is a special knot that does the job with ease. Most books show only one loop around the center of the barrel, but a second loop will help stabilize the barrel in the upright position.

Stand the barrel centered on the rope and tie an overhand knot at the top of the barrel. Spread the sides of the knot down over the side of the barrel. If a single rope is used for tying and hoisting, the running end of the rope is tied into the standing part using a bowline. A second overhand knot may be used if needed, and slipped down over the barrel. If a separate rope is used to tie the barrel hitch, tie the ends with a sheet bend, and slip it over a hook.
A Clever Hitch

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