Order of the Arrow at a Council Scout Expo

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Arrowmen Setup and Man Various Pioneering an Team Building Stations

Because they impressed the staff and participants at the previous year’s event, the Scouter heading up the program for the following Council-wide Scout Expo invited the Order of the Arrow to set up several pioneering-related exhibits. Naturally, on the list was a request for a monkey bridge, but additionally the pioneering team was asked to come up with some team building stations and a Scout skills challenge.

For team building they provided the materials and supervision for “Crossing the Alligator Pit,” and also erected an Atomic Pile. For Scout skills they set up a simple Rope-Toss-Log-Lift challenge.

As a bonus they put up a Swing Boat which served as a test run for their annual conclave which was less than a month away.

Author: Scout Pioneering

Volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America

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