Scouting is Both: Star Trek Analogy

As the Story Goes: Members of the Enterprise’s fact-finding contingent consisting of Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Lt. Sulu, and two members of security beamed down into what appeared to be a remote, forested area of a faraway planet in a newly charted solar system. The first thing they noticed was how frigid it was on the planet’s surface. Already starting to shiver, a security guard proceeded to zap a large rock with his phaser. This, of course would heat the rock to the point it would emit a stream of warming rays that would effectively counteract the cold. Unfortunately, the phaser seemed to be inoperable, as was that of the other security guard’s. To their dismay, for some inexplicable reason, none of their high tech equipment seemed to work on this planet—not their phasers, their tricorders, not even their communicators. What were they to do. How could they avoid freezing to death?

“Mr. Spock!” McCoy exclaimed with alarm in his voice, “What can we do?”

Spock looked around, and then thoughtfully replied, “You might remember, Doctor, at Star Fleet Academy, we were taught how to make something called fire by friction. Well it certainly appears that we’re in a forest that possesses a wealth of likely tools and materials to make, as I recall, what is referred to as a bow and drill.”

The members of the fact-finding contingent proceeded to very quickly gather up all they’d need, fashion a bow and drill, and use it to produce an ember and start a fire. And, because in addition to learning how to operate the latest, high tech devices, they were also taught how to use primitive, outdoor skills, these shivering space travelers were able to get warm, even on a freezing planet without their futuristic gadgets.

Scouting features a wide array of challenges, activities, and avenues of discovery. In such a multifaceted program there are opportunities to learn about subjects as diverse as on one hand: rocketry and robotics and on the other hand: wilderness survival and pioneering. Scouting is both the new and the old, the modern and the traditional, the innovative and the timeless!

Bow and Drill Campcraft How-To Video

Scouting is Both

Scouting’s Traditional Outdoor Skills

Author: Scout Pioneering

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