Plastic Tarp: No Grommets

No Grommets 2
Plastic Sheet Shelters

In the light that Pioneering has been referred to as “Scout Engineering,” many projects can be considered a pioneering-related venture when Scouts are confronted with fashioning and building something requiring intelligent use of their resources, consideration of angles, trajectory, and some campcraft skills.

Erecting a little A-Frame tent using a plastic sheet that has no grommets is a nifty challenge and just such an opportunity. Each individual, or pair of Scouts, can simply be furnished with a plastic sheet and some line for their guylines and directed to have at it and give it a go. Alternatively, Scouts can be provided all the following materials:

  • a 6’x6’ plastic sheet
  • six smooth stones
  • six short guylines (four 3′ lengths for the corners, and two 9′ lengths for the front and back. Paracord does the trick just fine fine.)
  • six stakes
  • a mallet
  • two 4’ poles for the uprights
A Plastic Sheet Shelter Campsite
A Plastic Sheet Shelter Campsite

Not DIRECTIVES, just suggestions:  Secure the stone to the plastic using a Roundturn with Two Half Hitches. Attach the front and back guylines to the upright poles using an Open End Clove Hitch with an additional Half Hitch.