Single Fire Bucket Holder

Single Fire Bucket Holder
Single Fire Bucket Holder

One of the essential mandates in the BSA’s Outdoor Code is: BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE.

  • I will prevent wildfire.
  • I will build my fires only where they are appropriate.
  • When I have finished using a fire, I will make sure it is cold out.
  • I will leave a clean fire ring, or remove all evidence of my fire.

In addition to being the height of simplicity, this Single Fire Bucket Holder makes an invaluable contribution towards safety around the fire circle. Since it’s always a safe bet to have a supply of water right near our cooking and campfires, why not add some convenience and accessibility in our campsites, especially because when fire buckets are on the ground, they’re frequently knocked over, inadvertently kicked, and even stepped in!

The design for this easy camp gadget is very straightforward. The diagonal support brace forming a triangle is what makes it work, and without it, the notched stick could never securely support the bucket.

Here are the suggested materials:

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Single Fire Bucket Holder
  • one 3-foot x 2-inches pioneering stake
  • two 2-foot x 1-inches straight sticks (one with a notch at one end)
  • two 10-foot x 1/4-inches lashing ropes
  • one 6-foot x 1/4-inches lashing rope

The procedure is simple.

  1. Where you want the fire bucket, pound in the stake deep enough so it doesn’t shake.
  2. Lash on the notched stick with a tight square lashing extending out from the stake at a right angle.
  3. Near the notch, lash on the support brace at a 90º angle (not too tightly) and then position the stick so it intersects with the pounded in stake in such a way that the notched stick remains extending straight out.
  4. Secure this position with a tight Square Lashing.

Double Fire Bucket Holder



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