Zeppelin Bend

VIEW VIDEO: How to Tie a Zeppelin Bend

ZeppelinKnotThe Zeppelin bend is such a secure joining knot, it’s reputed to have been used by the US Navy used it to moor airships (zeppelins). It’s easy to tie, will not fail, and most significantly, it’s easy to untie. Its reliability is shared by other bends, but unlike the water knot which is ideal for joining straps, the zeppelin bend won’t jam even after a heavy strain. Despite its appeal as an almost ideal bend, this knot is not widely known.

Pioneering Use

  • Excellent for joining two flexible lines that will be placed under a heavy pull:



  1. With the running end of the left line, form an underhand loop with the running end extending from the top (looks like a ‘6’).
  2. With the running end of the right line, form an overhand loop with running end extending from the bottom (looks like a ‘9’).
  3. Laying the left and right side loops next to one another, it looks like a ‘6’ and a ‘9’.
  4. Place the right hand loop on top of the left. Notice the running end of both lines are positioned on the outside of this configuration.
  5. Carry the running end of first one loop, and then the other, over, around and then through the “tunnel” created by both loops, so the running ends extend out on opposite sides.
  6. Dress the knot by pulling on the running end and the standing part of each line.

Author: Scout Pioneering

Volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America

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