Single A-Frame Bridge Pictorial

The Single A-Frame Bridge is made up of three subassemblies. Please refer to Bridge Walkways as a point of reference for two of the three of these subassemblies. The following photos will enliven the text and instructions featured in Adolph Peschke’s informative, older pioneering merit badge pamphlet. Click on the photos for larger views:

Lashing the top of the legs with a two pole shear lashing. Lashing on the ledger to the bottom of the legs. Lashing on the transom at the desired distance from the butt ends of the legs. All square lashings are lashed tightly, especially on the transom.
Captured from the 2013 Jamboree Pioneering Area
Carry the assembled A-Frame to the creek or ravine. Standup the A-Frame in the desired position. Carry over the walkways and place them on the A-Frame’s transom. Connect the underspars of the walkways to  the transom with three strop lashings.
Captured from the 2013 Jamboree Pioneering Area

Single A-Frame Bridge Materials and Instructions

Single A-Frame Bridges at the Jamboree