Campsite Beacon

Click above for a larger view, to checkout the construction.

This design was adapted from what John Sweet refers to as The Skylite in his booklet Pioneering in Town and Country. The main difference is the improvised framework for the two narrow quadpods is neither anchored or reliant on weighted supports, but instead is wide enough to allow the whole structure to be free-standing all by itself. With today’s lightweight LED lanterns, it’s easy to rig a halyard to raise and lower the lantern so it can be easily turned on and off. The novelty of floating the quadpods off the ground, like the Skylon “Floating” Flagpole adds and element of coolness to the structure as well as a little additional height for the beacon.

Left: “The Skylite” from John Sweet’s PIONEERING IN TOWN AND COUNTRY / Right: “The Skylon Weathercock” from John Sweet’s SCOUT PIONEERING